Food Safety

Food safety has always held a very high priority within the company. Given the background of present challenges, we have taken a new look at standards we have lived by for quite some time and re-evaluated them in order to adapt our standards for safety and hygiene to meet the requirements posed by “new normality”. The safety of our clients, patrons and staff means a great deal to us.

In the Food Service sector the company is vigilant about maintaining a closed-loop quality management chain – from breeding livestock and cultivating foodstuffs to production hygiene at the supplier, straight through to incoming goods inspection. Each of our partners must subject themself to the strictest supplier audits on a regular basis.

In the kitchens and restaurants we attach great importance to compliance with the HACCP guidelines (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and the principles of “good hygiene practices” (GHP). This means: Wherever we are, foods are stored, prepared and served exclusively under hygienically flawless conditions. Cleaning and disinfection occur according to detailed cleaning schedules drawn up individually for each area of the kitchen. All members of staff regularly receive the necessary information and training courses to this end. Quality, hygiene and safety at our facilities are audited at least once a year via internal and external controls carried out unannounced by an external expert institute.