The Arena Pros

Sports and culture are worlds in which enthusiasm, commitment and experience are infinitely important. Only those who are ready and willing to truly give everything they have are equally truly successful in the end. This goes without saying for our colleagues on location. When sports teams make their entries in arenas and stadiums at the weekend or rock stars provide for unforgettable concert events, our teams have been long since in action to supply fans and visitors with stadium-style sausage and beer, as well as with first-class VIP catering.

Due to intelligent concepts and smoothly running processes, our teams at Levy have made a name for themselves at the major stadiums and arenas in Germany. It’s true for event catering, and the same goes for VIP and restaurant catering. The PreZero Arena in Sinsheim and the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin are examples of modern and first-rate Levy catering in the public and business sectors. Whether concert, ice hockey or Bundesliga football: we can do it all! And do it with a passion. It starts with the quality of the food products and ends with friendly service. To us, it’s about creating experiences that affect and enrich all five senses.


Premium Concessions

Premium Catering in boxes, at business clubs, VIP restaurants and lounges
The standard we’ve set for ourselves is to delight visitors anew again and again and turn the experience into something special for our Business Club patrons every time they come. Fully in line with the motto “The first impression is what counts!”, with us this readily begins when greeting our customers and extends to an inviting table setting. Our enthusiasm for cuisine ensures a diversified, authentic selection displaying a great deal of variety and the finest quality. An offer that surprises time and again with special, regional, sports opponent- or event-related highlights presented lovingly and with an eye for detail. When it comes to our customers, by crafting painstakingly selected products we create an experience for all the senses.


Public Concessions

Public Catering at kiosks, bars, fan meeting points & street-food trucks
We provide an experience chock-full of variety for fans with our colourfully mixed, diversified offers from our fast-food outlets and food trucks ranging from classics to seasonal specials. And we bank on clear-cut signage with the help of digital menu boards so that our customers can orient themselves better. Whether a concert, show, sports event or gala, we’re able to adapt the offer flexibly for our customers to match the respective event.


Meeting & Events

To dine in an exclusive area right in the heart of the arena and turn a company occasion or meeting into a very special kind of event. Even apart from sports events, concerts and shows – with us, everything’s possible! Whether à la carte in the restaurant with an exclusive selection of wines, self-service at the buffet, or a snack for your meeting break: We stage each and every occasion to meet the highest standards according to your needs.