Sustainability & Environment

Conserving our resources is a central topic for the Compass Group, our parent company, and consequently for Levy Restaurants, too. We have split up the subject into four integral areas of focus with problem-solving approaches.

Health-Conscious Diet

Active emphasis on well-balanced meals and menu offers that correspond to a nutrition-conscious lifestyle and consumers’ preferences

Health Management

Safeguard the health of staff and customers through targeted offers towards increasing well-being and productivity

Lifestyle Awareness

Postings for our colleagues, clients, customers and their families regarding a generally healthier lifestyle

Food Waste Avoidance

Contributions to a radical movement to reduce waste through awareness-raising and the provision of analysis methods and effective reduction activities

Packaging Management

Work together with vendors and suppliers to achieve groundbreaking solutions with respect to materials, recycling and reusable models which verifiably reduce the use of disposable plastics

Vegetarian-Vegan Recipes

Response to demand on the part of our customers for plant-based products and meat alternatives to improve nutrition and relieve the burden on the climate

Sustainable Sourcing

Work together with our vendors and suppliers, producers and logistics partners to ensure mutual respect for human beings, animals and the planet within the entire supply chain

Local Value Creation

Promotion and support of fair working conditions, diversity, regional sourcing and reports on “the story behind the foods”


Work together with industry & trade associations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), ministries and other stakeholders to make the impacts of foods on society and the environment a subject of discussion

What we have in mind is the vision of a holistically sustainable arena that includes the following areas and activities. Let’s join forces and see what can be put into action at your arena.

  • Sale of regional and seasonal foods, wherever possible: certified organic and fair trade goods
  • Increase efficiency of waste management
  • Measures to save on electricity
  • Sustainable ticketing (stadium admission ticket = ticket for local public transport, and this as e-ticket)
  • Compostable cups and small serving trays/bowls
  • Paper packaging
  • Communicate sustainability to staff, customers and clients
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Sustainability sponsors as testimonial    
  • Pay attention to generally recyclable or at least compostable materials
  • Point out public means of transport to customers/clients and provide bicycle stands
  • Plant trees as offsetting trade-off for CO2 emissions
  • Make plenty of daylight possible for illuminating spaces to save on electricity
  • Shorten storage and refrigeration times to the extent possible to save on electricity